Columbia Varsity Boathouse

The Columbia University Boathouse is located at the Columbia Stadium area found against the Hudson River on the northern end of Manhattan. This proposal required working knowledge of the elements of boathouses and multi-purpose buildings, the efficiency of building materials and enclosure, and the structural elements necessary for boathouse construction.

The design focused on the relationship between site and program within its interior and exterior boundaries. This was achieved by constructing the building using two separate tubes positioned in correspondence to the site layout. Each tube contained programs that were grouped in accordance to functional similarity. One tube contained programs focused on the physical aspect of the rowing sport (e.g. gym), with the other tube contained programs dedicated to the administrative and educational aspect of the sport (e.g. classrooms and offices). The two tubes were then connected by a void that acted as a passage both between the tubes as well as between the road and the dock.

The building was constructed mostly from steel and glass in order to give the Boathouse a light and industrial feel. This design is meant to give the impression that the building blends in with its surrounding environment. The skin of the building is thus composed of strips of aluminum that were bent and positioned in such a way as to give a woven appearance and stream-lined effect.

  • For Professor Ezra Ardolino
  • Date Spring 2013

Rendering view from the dock

View from the bridge

View to the Erg Room

Aerial view

1/8th scale model

Detailed sectional model

Detailed Section

Technical First Floor Plan