The Complex of Rebirth

With Jamaica’s motto being “Out of Many, One People”, the country gives us a clear indication of its rich and diverse culture. Jamaica is unique as a small nation with a major influence on the world through the global recognition and celebration of its culture. From its world -renown arts to its athletic feats, Jamaica has forever made its mark in the world. This culture is also symbolized in the nations flag. With its black, green, and gold colors, the flag has a strong presence and represents Jamaica’s history and people. The black represent the people and the hardships they have undergone throughout history, the green represents the diverse nature of the island which is incorporated in the lifestyle of the country, and the gold represents the sun which is seen as a source of life and hope for the nation. Such a unique culture and nationalism should be preserved and celebrated in the country- this should also be done in the local architecture.

With my skyscraper being located in the Downtown Kingston area of Jamaica, it would therefore need to be respectful and celebratory of the Jamaican culture and provide the necessary functions required in its location- to be a cultural, economic, and sociological rebirth of the nation as well as the Caribbean region. This would be done by reintroducing former programs that were lost during the neo-liberal period of the country as well as newer programs that would increase the amount of circulation within the urban area and therefore bring more finance. It would also provide residential programs
to divert people back to the capital and reduce the amount of commuters to the city while providing students tertiary education as
well. These residential programs would be provided for all classes of the population. The population that owns micro industries would then move their business to the complex for convenience and provide jobs for others. The complex will do all of this while reflecting the Jamaican and Caribbean culture through its design as well as programs
that would celebrate and preserve it such as museums and galleries.

This thesis explores how architecture can play its role in the cultural, sociological, and economic rebirth of a nation as well as a region. This would be done through exploring and utilizing architecture’s ability to undergo metamorphosis and adopt to a specific purpose as well as celebrate it in the design. With Jamaica and the Caribbean as it’s site, this thesis of vertical architecture would respond to unique elements as well as specific problems. This thesis will also focus on the urban aspect of how vertical architecture should integrate into the horizontal urban fabric around it. In return, it should then promote future developments that would strengthen the urbanism of that area as well as the region itself.