The Eaglebrook Art and Science Building

The Eaglebrook Art and Science Building is designed with the purpose of creating a connection between the building interior and exterior for inhabitants as well as fostering more meaningful interaction among the student body. Located in western Massachusetts, the design is influenced by the existing circulation and neighboring edifices. It consists of three arms that extend from a central lobby space intended to be the main core of circulation. The two longer arms containing the science and art programs are angled in conjunction to the road, pond, and the Learning Center. The third (shorter) arm contains the auditorium and is oriented toward the campus to act as a unifying element as well as an entrance to the upper floor.

Integration with nature is a key dimension of this design. Thus, special attention was given to creating different kinds of visual and physical connections between the interior and exterior of the building. The pond-facing façade and the Learning Center are constructed from pre-cast concrete walls with deep punctures to create framed views outward. In contrast, the road-facing side of the building is composed of a series of small balconies and a façade made from an ensemble of large wood-framed windows. Finally, the ground floor science classrooms have been designed with exterior work spaces to further disintegrate the distinction between interior and exterior.

Slope View (north side)

Pond View (south side)

Science Classroom

Science Laboratory

Upper Floor Plan



Axonometric Diagram